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    Healthy Beauty Foods

    Healthy Beauty Foods

    You have heard that old saying “Real beauty comes from inside”. Nutrition experts have proved that you truly are what you eat. Throw away french-fried potatoes and buttery beef burgers. If you prefer to look attractive and spirit young and fit, you will have to eat many kids of fruits and vegetables that have been evidenced to work magically on the human body.

    Whether you are on a fat free diet, low carbohydrate diet, high protein diet or no diet, adding these magical foods to your meals should become a must to you as apply your lipstick on your lips in the morning.

    For tight and healthy skin eat

    Fruits: blueberries, apple, raspberries, strawberries, cherries, oranges, purple grapes

    Vegetables: pumpkin, carrots, cucumber, sweet potatoes

    For getting rid of black circles around eyes eat

    Fruits: All citrus fruits are beneficial as they are best source of vitamin C

    Vegetables: broccolis, cabbage, cauliflower, Chinese white cabbage, lettuce, spinach, romaine, Indian mustard, white turnip

    For strong bones eat

    Yogurt, Soya bean, bean curd and drink skim milk

    To reduce stress eat

    All kinds of beans (navy, pinto, red, black, green etc) should be included in the diet. Additionally you can add snap pea, garden pea, and Egyptian pea.

    To supercharge immune system eat

    Meat: Turkey, chicken breast and pigeon’s broth

    Vegetables: broccoli, turnip leaves, cauliflower, spinach

    Drinks: Drink plenty of green or Chinese tea

    To avoid ultravoilet and sun damage eat

    Vegetables: Love apple (tomato), watermelon

    Fruits: Pink grapefruit is the best natural sun block



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